Good Morning, Traders!

Today is Thursday the 9th of January or Friday the 10th of January depending on where you are, here are some things to look out for in the session.

The price of your morning coffee is rising fast in Latvia / Article


The dollar fell versus nearly all of its rivals in the group of ten, while the yen performed poorly. Investors are watching economic data to determine the direction of Federal Reserve policy.
18:50 PM ET
Japanese PPI
YoY - Forecast: 9.7% | Prior: 10.2%
MoM - Forecast: 0.3% | Prior: 0.5%
19:30 PM ET
RBA Monetary Policy Statement
20:30 PM ET
Chinese PPI YoY - Forecast: -0.5% | Prior -0.7%
Chinese CPI YoY - Forecast: 2.1% | Prior 1.8%
Chinese CPI MoM - Forecast: 0.7% | Prior 0.0%