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Today is Thursday 30th / Friday 31st of March depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look out for in the session.
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The dollar fell versus all of its Group-of-10 counterparts, despite a little improvement in risk sentiment. The euro rose after higher-than-expected German inflation boosted the outlook for European interest rates.


7:30 PM ET

Japanese Unemployment Rate - Forecast: 2.4% | Prior: -12.7%
Japanese Jobs/Applicants Ratio - Forecast: 1.36 | Prior: 1.35
Tokyo CPI Overall - Forecast: 3.2% | Prior: 3.4%
Tokyo Core CPI YoY - Forecast: 3.1% | Prior: 3.3%

9:30 PM ET

China NBS Manufacturing PMI - Forecast: 51.6 | Prior: 52.6

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