Welcome, Traders!
Today is Wednesday the 19th of April / Thursday the 20th of April, depending on where you are.
The day of the highly anticipated PBoC Interest Rate 1 Yr.


The dollar's climb stalled midway through the US day, with a currency index limiting its gain to 0.1% on Wednesday. In G-10 FX, the yen and Norwegian krone performed the worst. Treasuries bear flattened as the front end of the market dropped off.


6:45 PM ET

New Zealand CPI QoQ - Forecast: 1.5% | Prior: 1.4%

7:50 PM ET

Japanese Total Trade Balance - Forecast: -1294.8B | Prior: -898.1B
Japanese Imports YoY - Forecast: 11.8% | Prior: 8.3%
Japanese Exports YoY - Forecast: 2.5% | Prior: 6.5%

9:15 PM ET

PBoC Interest Rate 1 Yr - Forecast is for no change at 3.65%.

Good luck!