Welcome. Traders!
Today is Tuesday the 25th of April / Wednesday the 26th of April, depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look out for in the session.

A indicator of the dollar's strength rose after three days of falls as US equities fell and consumer confidence fell to its lowest level since July. The yen rose as well, beating peers in the Group of 10.


6:45 PM ET

New Zealand Trade Balance - Forecast: | Prior: -714.0M

9:30 PM ET

Australian CPI QoQ - Forecast: 1.3% | Prior: 1.9%
Australian CPI YoY - Forecast: 6.9% | Prior: 7.8%
RBA Weighted Median CPI QoQ - Forecast: 1.3% | Prior: 1.6%
RBA Trimmed Mean CPI QoQ - Forecast: 1.4% | Prior 1.7%

Good luck!