Welcome, Traders!
Today is Monday the 1st of June / Tuesday the 2nd of June depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look out for in the session.


A barometer of dollar strength climbed as the Treasuries market saw resumed selling, while industrial data offered little reassurance on the inflation front ahead of this week's Federal Reserve meeting. The yen lags behind its Group of 10 counterparts, as the Australian dollar rises ahead of the Reserve Bank of Australia's rate announcement on Tuesday.


7:00 PM ET

S. Korean CPI YoY - Forecast: 3.7% | Prior: 4.20%
S. Korean CPI MoM - Forecast: 0.2% | Prior: 0.2%

7:50 PM ET

Japanese Monetary Base YoY - Forecast: -1.3% | Prior: -1%

12:30 AM ET

RBA Cash Rate - Forecast is for no change at 3.60%.

Good luck!