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Today is Tuesday the 2nd of May / Wednesday the 3rd of May, depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look out for in the session.


Treasury notes rose on Tuesday as investors sought safer assets despite persistent concerns over US regional banks and economic data indicating a weakening labour market, driving rates across most of the curve down by more than 15 bps. Traders reduced their expectations for Federal Reserve tightening ahead of a policy decision on Wednesday, but areas of the bills curve witnessed a rising distortion as traders priced in fear over a possible US debt default following US Treasury Secretary Yellen's warning.


6:45 PM ET

New Zealand Unemployment Rate - Forecast: 3.5% | Prior: 3.4%
New Zealand Labour Cost Index YoY - Forecast: | Prior: 4.3%
New Zealand Labour Cost Index QoQ - Forecast: 1.1% | Prior: 1.1%

9:30 PM ET

Australian Retail Sales MoM Prelim - Forecast: 0.2% | Prior 0.2%

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