Welcome, Traders!
Today is Monday the 15th of May or Tuesday the 16th of May depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look our for in the session.


The dollar fell 1% on Monday after rising 1% in the previous two sessions, as US Treasury Secretary Yellen warned Congress that the United States could run out of currency as soon as June 1. The majority of G-10 currencies rose, with the Australian and New Zealand dollars outperforming their rivals.


10:00 PM ET

Chinese Urban Investment YTD YoY - Forecast: 5.7% | Prior: 5.1%
Chinese Unemployment Rate - Forecast: 5.3% | Prior: 5.3%
Chinese Retail Sales YoY - Forecast: 21.9% | Prior: 10.6%
Chinese Industrial Output YoY - Forecast: 10.9% | Prior: 3.9%

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