Welcome, Traders!
Today is Tuesday the 16th of May or Wednesday the 17th of May depending on where you are.
Here are some things to look out for in the session.

The dollar rose for the third time in four days on Tuesday, as US industrial production, retail sales, and housing statistics showed ongoing economic momentum. When significant economic statistics disappointed, the Chinese yuan fell towards the 7 level, pulling commodity currencies lower.


7:50 PM ET

Japanese GDP QoQ Annualised - Forecast: 0.8% | Prior: 0.1%
Japanese GDP QoQ - Forecast: 0.2% | Prior: 0.0%

9:30 PM ET

Australian Wage Price Index YoY - Forecast: 3.6% | Prior: 3.3%
Australian Wage Price Index QoQ - Forecast: 0.9% | Prior: 0.8%

Good luck!