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It is Wednesday 11th / Thursday 12th of January, depending on where you are.
Here are some things to expect ahead of the APAC session today.

Lymphoma Coalition Asia Pacific – Lymphoma Coalition

A measure of the strength of the dollar fell alongside 10-year treasury yields ahead of Thursday's US inflation data.
After inflation and retail-sales beats reinforced expectations for a 25-basis-point rate hike from the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Australian dollar led outperformers among group-of-10 peers.

China plans to take part in a video meeting with the World Health Organisation, in order to discuss COVID control technology today.

Yesterday, retail sales in Australia rose 1.4%, hotter than the expected 0.6%.


6:50 PM ET
Japanese Current Account Non-Seasonally Adjusted for November
Median Forecast: ¥481 bln | Prior -¥64.1 bln | Range: ¥1,150 bln | ¥350 bln

Japanese Current Account Seasonally Adjusted for November
Median Forecast: ¥657,500 mln | Prior: -¥609,349 mln | Range: ¥6,115,000 mln / ¥379.9 mln

7:30 PM ET
Australian Trade Balance For November
Median Forecast: A$11,300 mln | Prior: A$12,217M | Range: A$13,000 mln / A$8,500 mln

8:30 PM ET
Chinese CPI YoY for December
Median Forecast: 1.8% | Prior: 1.6%

Chinese PPI YoY for December
Median Forecast: -0.1% | Prior: -1.3% | Range: 0.8% / -1.7%


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