Good Morning Traders! With the week truly underway, this Tuesday we get some minor data points.

Here is what to expect.


Soon-to-mature After a tentative debt ceiling agreement that reduced worries about a US default, Treasury bills rose as trading resumed after Memorial Day.

As environmentalists, defence hawks, and hard-line conservatives denounced compromises, the White House and Republican congressional leaders stepped up lobbying activities to garner support for a deal to prevent a US default.

While the cost of living issue shows little sign of abating, prices in UK stores are rising at a record rate. According to a new peak for an indicator that began in 2005, shop price inflation increased to 9% this month, the British Retail Consortium reported on Tuesday. The increase from 8.8% in April is significant.

In recent months, President Joe Biden and his European allies have emphasised numerous times that they want to "de-risk," not "decouple," from the Chinese economy as a method to justify a series of new trade restrictions with Beijing. The issue is that China sees no distinction.

For the first time in three months, Japan's jobless rate decreased, which might lead to higher salaries and support the Bank of Japan's long-term goal of manageable inflation.


03:00 AM ET
Swiss KOF Indicator
Median Forecast 96 | Prior 96.4 | Range 97.5/94.0

04:00 AM ET
Eurozone Money-M3 Annual Growth
Median Forecast 2%| Prior 2.5%| Range 2.5%/1.9%


05:00 AM ET
ECB's Simkus Speaks


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