Good Morning Traders! We start off the week with a quiet session from Europe.

Here is what to expect.


Unexpectedly, Chinese banks maintained a crucial interest rate that governs mortgages, which raised questions about the country's strategy for halting the country's real estate decline.

This year, the Bank of Japan has been buying government bonds at a record rate, which is presumably what led to its recent decision to permit bigger yield swings in order to ease the pressure on its ability to control longer-term interest rates.

UK real estate vendors are lowering their asking prices at the fastest rate since December, adding to the evidence that rising interest rates are making it harder for consumers to afford purchases.

After its first weekly decline since June, oil was barely changed, with macroeconomic worries outweighing indications of a tight physical market.

02:00 AM ET

German PPI YoY
Median Forecast -5.1% | Prior 0.1%

German PPI MoM
Median Forecast -0.2% | Prior -0.3%


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