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In an interview that was released on Saturday, BoJ Governor Ueda stated that removing negative interest rates is one of the choices open if the central bank gains confidence that prices and wages would continue to rise stably. Nevertheless, he claimed that the BoJ would continue its gradual monetary easing despite being some distance from its goal of price stability.

The latest in a series of measures designed to boost market optimism, China will make it simpler for insurance companies to participate in domestic stocks.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen praised data showing a sustained decline in inflation and a new surge of job seekers, saying she's growing more optimistic that the US will be able to control inflation without significantly harming the labour market.

China's economy is clearly slowing, and this trend will inevitably spread across the region, according to Taiwan's senior envoy to the US.

President Joe Biden stated that China's recent economic slump may lessen any desire on Beijing's part to invade Taiwan, adding that his Chinese counterpart has "his hands full" as a result of the nation's economic woes.


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BoE's Pill Speaks


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