Good Morning Traders! This Tuesday we get UK Unemployment data and German ZEW data.

Here is what to expect.


Shunichi Suzuki, the Japanese Finance Minister, asserts that he anticipates the Bank of Japan to implement appropriate monetary policy in the direction of its sustainable price target, working closely with the government.

Even after its gain at the beginning of this week, the yen is still susceptible to sudden changes and governmental intervention as important US data and central bank meetings are among the potential triggers.

Consumer confidence again declined into "deeply pessimistic" zone, but Australian business conditions continued to be resilient to rising interest rates and increased pricing pressures. This contrasted with the varied responses of the corporate and household sectors to tighter policy.

Before reports that would provide additional information about the state of the market's balances, oil held close to its year-high.

According to a senior NATO officer, Russia's army lacks the requisite weaponry and personnel to undertake a large offensive campaign this year.


02:00 AM ET
UK Unemployment Rate
Median Forecast 4.3% | Prior 4.2% | Range 4.5%/4.1%

UK Unemployment Change
Median Forecast 17.1k | Prior 29.0k

05:00 AM ET
German ZEW Economic Sentiment
Median Forecast -15 | Prior -12.3 | Range -10.0/-20.0

German ZEW Current Conditions
Median Forecast -75.5 | Prior -71.3 | Range -74.0/-80.0


Good Luck Today Traders!