Good Morning Traders! This Wednesday we get UK GDP data.

Here is what to expect.


According to a source who was not named but has firsthand knowledge of the situation, the European Central Bank anticipates that inflation in the Euro zone will continue above 3% next year.

Following Governor Kazuo Ueda's mention of the possibility in an interview that was released over the weekend, observers who follow the Bank of Japan have revised their predictions for when negative interest rates will expire.

Yuan shorts are under pressure once more as key offshore borrowing costs have reached new five-year highs and are predicted to stay high at least through the end of the quarter.

To beat this week's scheduled release of the consumer and producer price index data, businesses are rushing to sell investment-grade debt on Tuesday.

On expectations from OPEC and the US that supply reductions will tighten the market in the coming months, oil has stabilised after rising to a 10-month high.


02:00 AM ET
UK GDP Estimate YoY
Median Forecast 0.4% | Prior 0.9%

UK  GDP Estimate MoM
Median Forecast -0.2%| Prior 0.5% | Range0.1%/-0.4%

UK GDP Estimate 3M/3M
Median Forecast 0.3%| Prior 0.2%| Range 0.4%/0.2%

UK Manufacturing Production MoM
Median Forecast -1%| Prior 2.4%| Range 0.6%/-1.8%


03:00 AM ET
EU's Von Der Leyen Speaks


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