Good Morning Traders! This Friday we get UK GDP, French PPI, German Unemployment and comments from ECB's Lagarde.

Here is what to keep in mind.


30-year yields Treasuries are expected to experience their biggest quarterly increase since 2009, fueling concern that the recent bond market crash may have ripple effects on other financial sectors.

Tokyo's inflation slowed down more in September than was anticipated, supporting the Bank of Japan's belief that prices will continue to decline and that the ultra-easy monetary policy must be maintained.

In the midst of a selloff in global debt, Japan's 30-year government bonds declined, pushing rates to their highest level in a decade.

Prior to the presidential elections in October, the Argentine Congress approved a law that will abolish income taxes for nearly all formal workers. This move will increase pressure on the country's increasing fiscal imbalance.

According to a company that examines the world economy using satellite data, China's economy showed signs of a stronger rebound in September.


02:00 AM ET
Medfian Forecast 0.2%| Prior 0.2% | Range 0.2%/0.1%

Medfian Forecast 0.4%| Prior 0.4% | Range 0.4%/0.4%

02:45 AM ET
French HICP YoY Prelim
Medfian Forecast 5.9%| Prior 5.7% | Range 6.2%/4.9%

03:55 AM ET
German Unemployment Change SA
Medfian Forecast 15k | Prior 18k | Range 25k/10k

German Unemployment Rate
Medfian Forecast 5.7%| Prior 5.7% | Range 5.8%/5.7%

05:00 AM ET
Eurozone CPI YoY Flash
Median Forecast 4.5% | Prior 5.2% | Range 4.8%/4.3%

Eurozone Core CPI YoY Flash
Median Forecast 4.8% | Prior 5.3% | Range 5.1%/4.5%


02;45  AM ET
Germany's Steinemer Speaks

03:40 AM ET
ECB's Lagarde Speaks

05:00 AM ET
ECB's Kazaks Speaks


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