Good Morning Traders! This Monday we get Euro-Area Mfg PMI and Eurozone Unemployment Rate.

Here is what to keep in mind.


Large Japanese manufacturers' confidence increased more than anticipated, while sentiment among non-manufacturers rose to its highest level in 32 years in the three months that ended in September.

US market index futures increased after Congress approved compromise agreement to temporarily fund the government.

From a risk management standpoint, a Bank of Japan board member stated that the inflation target is plainly within reach and that it is crucial to create the basis for exit.

Prior to the busiest holiday season, manufacturing activity in Asia remained subdued, prolonging its ongoing decline this year.

A popular bet that global demand is outpacing supply helped oil start the new quarter on the upswing.


03:50 AM ET
French Mfg PMI
Medfian Forecast 43.6 | Prior 43.6 | Range 43.8/43.6

03:55 AM ET
German Mfg PMI
Medfian Forecast 39.8 | Prior 39.8 | Range 39.8/39.8

04:00 AM ET
Eurozone Mfg PMI
Medfian Forecast 43.4 | Prior 43.4 | Range 43.4/43.4

04:30 AM ET
UK Mfg PMI Final
Median Forecast 44.2 | Prior 44.2 | Range 44.2/44.2

05:00 AM ET
Eurozone Unemployment Rate
Median Forecast 6.4% | Prior 6.4% | Range 6.5%/6.4%


03:00 AM ET
ECB's de Guindos

04:00  AM ET
ECB's Centeno & de Cos Speak



Good Luck Today Traders!