Good Morning Traders! It is Tuesday the 21st of March, yet another quiet day on paper, with German ZEW data coming towards the tail-end.

Here are some things to look out for ahead of today's session.



In an effort to prevent a future financial disaster, a coalition of banks has asked for temporary expansion of the Federal Deposit Insurance coverage to cover all deposits.

Even if some lawmakers said they're considering a legislative rise in the ceiling in the wake of two recent bank collapses, House conservatives said they would oppose any universal guarantee of bank deposits above the present $250,000 FDIC insurance threshold.

Early on Tuesday, riskier dollar bonds offered by Asian-Pacific banks recovered from the collapse of Credit Suisse's Additional Tier 1 debt the day before.

As the end of the quarter draws near, there are indications of a cash crunch in China, highlighting how the country's economic recovery is boosting credit demand and motivating the central bank to ease monetary policy.


6:00 AM ET
German ZEW Current Conditions
Median Forecast -44.3 | Prior -45.1 | Range -10/-51

German ZEW Economic Sentiment
Median Forecast 15.0 | Prior 28.1 | Range 26/-7


Good Luck Today Traders!