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August saw an increase in iron ore shipments and non-monetary gold exports, which led to Australia's monthly trade surplus exceeding projections.

An examination of central bank accounts suggests that Japan probably refrained from intervening in the currency market to support the yen earlier this week.

If rising prices turn out to be stickier than anticipated, the Bank of Japan may abandon its yield-curve management programme before the year is out, claims Pacific Investment Management.

Citi increased its growth prediction for China to 5% this year as encouraging data contributes to increasing confidence in the country's capacity to meet its official government target.

US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo called Huawei's reports of a semiconductor breakthrough "incredibly disturbing" and emphasised the need for her agency to find more effective ways to enforce its export-control policies.

Bill Gross, co-founder and former chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management, claimed that retail investors in exchange-traded funds have joined the ranks of "bond vigilantes" and that their abrupt exit last week caused an oversold market.


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German Exports MoM SA
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BoE Decision Maker Panel Survey


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BoE's Broadbent Speaks

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