Good Morning Traders! This Tuesday we get UK Unemployment and German ZEW data.

Here is what to keep in mind.


This month, Australia's central bank debated hiking interest rates before determining that the case for holding steady was "stronger," but it also made clear that it was prepared to tighten further should inflation take too long to reach its target level.

According to Patrick Harker, president of the Philadelphia Fed, the Federal Reserve shouldn't be considering further interest rate rises given how many US small businesses are having trouble adjusting to its current tightening.

As the property industry and weak demand impacted on activity, China's economic growth probably fell short of Beijing's yearly target for 2023, highlighting the fragility of the recovery as the government apparently considers additional stimulus.

According to Chinese official media, President Vladimir Putin has arrived in Beijing. This is an unusual journey overseas for the Russian leader because the International Criminal Court has issued an arrest order for him in connection with alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

With President Joe Biden scheduled to visit Israel this week, the price of oil held steady as the US stepped up diplomatic attempts to control the Gaza issue.


02:00 AM ET
UK Unemployment Change
Median Forecast 2.3k | Prior 0.9k | Range 10k/-15k

UK Unemployment Rate
Median Forecast 4.3%| Prior 4.3%

05:00 AM ET
German ZEW Current Conditions
Median Forecast -80| Prior -79.4| Range -74.0/-84.1

German ZEW Economic Sentiment
Median Forecast -9.5 | Prior -11.4 | Range -3.4/-14.0


03:00 AM ET
EU Finance Ministers Meet

05:05 AM ET
BoE's Dhingra Speaks

07:50 AM ET
ECB's Jochnick Speaks


06:45 AM ET
Bank of America Q3 2023 Earnings
EPS $0.81 | Est. Rev $25.14B

07:30 AM ET
Goldman Sachs Q3 2023 Earnings
EPS $5.44  | Est. Rev  $16.76B

Lockheed Martin Q3 2023 Earnings
EPS $6.67 | Est. Rev $11.13B


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