Good Morning Traders! This Thursday we get the German Unemployment Rate and the BoE Bank Rate.

Here is what to keep in mind.


After delaying an interest rate hike for a second straight policy meeting, US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell made hints that the most aggressive tightening cycle in four decades may possibly be coming to an end.

According to figures issued by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Sydney, Australia's trade surplus decreased by 33.2% from a month earlier to A$6.8b in September.

A weak demand picture was helped by the Federal Reserve's suggestion that it could be done rising interest rates, which caused oil prices to rise along with the wider financial markets.

As his administration works to shore up waning support, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida unveiled a larger-than-expected economic stimulus program that aims to increase GDP and help consumers hurt by inflation.

US President Joe Biden did not favor a complete cease-fire, but he did say that Israel and Hamas terrorists should "pause" their hostilities to give time to release captives being held in the Gaza Strip.


04:55 AM ET
German Unemployment Rate
Median Forecast 5.8%| Prior 5.7%| Range 5.8%/5.7%

German Unemployment Change
Median Forecast 14k | Prior 10k | Range 25k/10k

German Mfg PMI Final
Median Forecast 40.7 | Prior 40.7 | Range 40.9/40.7

08:00 AM ET
BoE Bank Rate
Median Forecast 5.25% | Prior 5.25% | Range 5.5%/5.25%


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