Good Morning Traders! It is Thursday, the 23rd of March, the day of the UK Bank Rate decision.

As we keep our eyes locked on for 8AM ET, here is a run-down for the day.


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that leaders of recently collapsed US lenders should be held accountable and that regulators are not seeking to give "blanket" deposit protection to stabilise the US banking sector without working with Congress.

Rate reductions this year and a recession are both assured. That is the takeaway from the bond market indicator that Fed Chair Jerome Powell cited a year ago as the most reliable sign of American economic turmoil.

The Federal Reserve hiked its benchmark rate, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen "walked back" remarks about insuring all accounts, and Pershing Square's Bill Ackman predicted an acceleration of bank deposit withdrawals, in response to this.


4:30 AM ET
Swiss Interest Rate
Median Forecast 1.5% | Prior 1% | Range 1.5%/1.25%

8:00 AM ET
BoE Bank Rate
Median Forecast 4.25% | Prior 4% | Range 4.25%/4%


7:00 AM ET
ECB's Knot speaking at a press conference for the publication of the Dutch central bank's annual report.

Good Luck Today Traders!