Good Morning Traders, it is Friday the 24th of March, the end of a turbulent week in the European markets.

Here are some things to be aware for, as we head into today's session.



A day after her comments on statewide deposit insurance shook markets, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen assured US legislators that authorities would be ready to take additional measures to safeguard the banking system if necessary.

Although government energy subsidies concealed the higher underlying trend ahead of the Bank of Japan's first leadership change in a decade, Japan's inflation decreased for the first time in more than a year.

Oil prices declined, reversing a weeklong gain, as worries over the banking sector persisted and the US suggested that it will take longer than anticipated to restock its strategic oil reserves.

During their summit in Brussels, the leaders of the European Union authorised plans to transfer one million rounds of ammunition to Ukraine within a year.

The Federal Reserve's stress testing of banks in 2022 drew harsh criticism from two prominent former US economic leaders for failing to look at potential banking system vulnerabilities to a sudden rise in interest rates.


4:30 AM ET
German S&P Composite PMI Flash
Median Forecast 51.0| Prior 50.7 | Range 52.0/49.9

5:00 AM ET
Eurozone S&P Composite PMI Flash
Median Forecast 52.0 | Prior 52.0 | Range 53.1/51.0

5:30 AM ET
UK S&P Mfg Composite Flash
Median Forecast 52.7 | Prior 53.1 | Range 53.8/51.4


5:30 AM ET
ECB's Nagel Speaks


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