Good Morning Traders! This Wednesday we get UK GDP data.

Here is what to expect.


President Xi Jinping and other top Chinese officials promised to prioritise industrial policy above other economic issues in the upcoming year, which is likely to disappoint investors hoping for significant stimulus to spur development.

A wide spectrum of Japanese companies saw an increase in confidence in the fourth quarter, which gave the Bank of Japan encouragement ahead of next week's policy announcement.

This week, China's central bank is anticipated to inject more money into the financial system through policy loans in an effort to counteract the reduced liquidity that is partially the result of significant bond sales.

As worries about oversupply increased due to surging Russian flows and increased US output, oil prices in Asia steadied after falling nearly 4% on Tuesday.


02:00 AM ET
UK GDP Estimate YoY
Median Forecast 0.6% | Prior 1.3%

UK GDP Estimate MoM
Median Forecast -0.05% | Prior 0.2% | Range 0.1%/-0.2%

UK GDP Estimate 3M/3M
Median Forecast 0.1% | Prior 0.0% | Range 0.1%/0.0%

UK Manufacturing Production MoM
Median Forecast 0% | Prior 0.1% | Range 0.4%/-0.5%


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