Good Morning Traders! This Thursday we get rate decisions for the SNB, ECB and BoE.

Here is what to expect from this packed session.


After controlling an inflation increase thus far without experiencing a recession or a material loss of employment, the Federal Reserve turned its focus to reversing the highest interest-rate hikes in a generation.

In November, Australian employment growth handily above forecasts, boosting the local currency and highlighting the Reserve Bank's previous concerns about the durability of strong domestic demand.

For the first time since August, the yield on 10-year US Treasuries dropped below 4% as investors increased their bets for further dramatic rate reductions in 2024 after the Federal Reserve signalled that it was done rising interest rates.

It's possible that November's slowdown in China's economy contributed to hopes that Beijing would increase stimulus in the coming year.

Positive demand signals, such as a decline in US inventories and indications that the Federal Reserve has completed raising interest rates, helped oil rebound from a five-month low.



03:30 AM ET
Swiss Interest Rate
Median Forecast 1.75% | Prior 1.75% | Range 1.75%/1.75%

SNB Rate Statement

07:00 AM ET
BoE Bank Rate
Median Forecast 5.25% | Prior 5.25% | Range 5.25%/5.25%

BoE Monetary Policy Summary

08:15 AM ET
ECB Interest Rate
Median Forecast 4.50% | Prior 4.50% | Range 4.50%/4.50%

ECB Desposit Rate
Median Forecast 4.00% | Prior 4.00% | Range 4.0%/4.0%

ECB Rate Statement


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