Good Morning Traders! This Friday we get the UK Nationwide House Price Index.

Here is what to expect from today.


Consumers in the United Kingdom are more concerned about their financial security and are tightening their purse strings as we approach 2024, reigniting fears that the economy may enter a recession.

China's central bank promised to tighten monetary policy and lift consumer prices, which fell at the fastest rate in three years last month.

The dollar is on track to have its worst year since the outbreak of the epidemic, with Wall Street betting that the Fed will decrease interest rates after securely controlling prices.

In the most recent week, banks borrowed a record amount from the Federal Reserve's newest backstop facility, as rising bets on interest-rate decreases made it a more appealing option.

Oil fell for the fourth time in five days, with rising inventories at the important US storage hub in Cushing, Oklahoma, offsetting a decline in national stockpiles to present a mixed picture for demand.


02:00 AM ET
UK Natinwide House Price Index YoY
Median Forecast -1.3% | Prior -2.0%

UK Natinwide House Price Index MoM
Median Forecast 0.1% | Prior 0.2%


Good Luck today, Traders!