Good Morning Traders! This Wednesday we get German Unemployment data.

Here is what to expect from today.


According to internal documents dated September through November, Australia's central bank says conversations with business and community organisations indicate that rising prices and high interest rates are hurting on consumption and broader economic growth.

After "depressed" confidence fell to a four-month low, British business chiefs urged the Bank of England to cut interest rates soon to prop up the ailing economy.

Oil prices remained low as widespread fear of growing war in the Red Sea subsided.

Iran's deployment of a warship to the Red Sea is its most ambitious action yet to defy US forces in the vital trade route, emboldening Houthi insurgents whose missiles have interrupted shipping for the previous two months.


03:55 AM ET
German Unemployment Rate
Median Forecast 5.9% | Prior 5.9% | Range 6.0%/5.9%

German Unemployment Change SA
Median Forecast 20k | Prior 22k | Range 33.0k/15.0k


Good Luck today, Traders!