Good Morning Traders! This Friday we get Eurozone CPI

Here is what to expect from today.


The yen's recent decline appears set to deteriorate in the coming weeks as traders rebalance expectations for US and Japanese monetary policy.

Traders are increasing their wagers on more monetary easing in China this year, as a slowing economy puts pressure on policymakers to lower interest rates and provide abundant liquidity.

As a result of one of the wettest Decembers on record, UK retailers may have suffered as fewer shoppers visited stores in the run-up to Christmas. The number of people visiting shops, retail parks, and malls decreased by 5% in the final five weeks of 2023.

In the most recent week, banks borrowed a record amount from the Federal Reserve's newest backstop facility, as bets on interest-rate decreases continue to make it a more appealing option.

Oil rose slightly, extending its weekly gain, as simmering tensions in the Middle East and North Africa outweighed signals of dwindling US demand.


05:00 AM ET
Eurozone Core CPI YoY Flash
Median Forecast 3.4%| Prior 3.6%| Range 3.6%/3.2%

Eurozone CPI YoY Flash
Median Forecast 3% | Prior 2.4%| Range 3.1%/2.2%


Good Luck today, Traders!