Good Morning Traders! This Tuesday we get German Industrial Production and Eurozone Unemployment data.

Here is what to expect from today.


Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman said inflation might fall towards the Fed's 2% target with interest rates remained at current levels, and she suggested potential support for cutting borrowing costs if price pressures faded.

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic said inflation has dropped down more than he expected and is on a road today to meet the Fed's 2% goal, while it's too early to declare triumph.

Australian retail sales increased by more than economists projected in November, as shoppers pulled forward their Christmas shopping to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

Consumer price increases in Tokyo slowed for the second month in December, indicating that cost-push inflation may be receding, while thrifty consumers also cut back on discretionary outlays.

Chinese authorities indicated that they may cut the amount of money banks must set aside as reserves to stimulate lending, despite the central bank providing a vast amount of liquidity via other methods in recent weeks.

Oil fell the most in nearly a month on evidence of a weakening physical market, including a significant price decrease by OPEC+ leader Saudi Arabia.


02:00 AM ET
German Industrial Production YoY SA
Median Forecast -4% | Prior -3.38% | Range -3.0%/-5.1%

German Industrial Production  MoM
Median Forecast 0.3% | Prior -0.4% | Range 1.2%/-1.0%

05:00 AM ET
Eurozone Unemployment Rate
Median Forecast 6.5% | Prior 6.5% | Range 6.6%/6.5%


Good Luck today, Traders!