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China's economy expanded by roughly 5.2% in 2023, above the government's official growth target for the year. However, the country is still facing significant hurdles from deflationary pressures and the housing crisis as the year begins, increasing calls for stimulus.

The Australian dollar trailed all rivals in the G-10 as the China activity statistics showed mixed results for the world's second-largest economy. The dollar continued to rise after recording its highest gain since March.


02:00 ET
UK CPI YoY Forecast 3.8%, Previous 3.9%  Range 4.1%|3.4%
UK Core CPI YoY Forecast 4.9% Previous 5.1% Range 5.1%|4.5%

05:00 ET
Eurozone CPI MoM Final Forecast 0.2% Previous -0.6%
Eurozone CPI YoY Final Forecast 2.9%, Previous 2.9%

03:30 ET ECB's Cipollone
03:35 ET ECB's Vasle
04:15 ET ECB's Simkus
04:30 ET ECB's Villeroy
06:30 ET ECB's Vujcic
07:15 ET ECB's Knot

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