Good Morning Traders, today we see the release of UK Retail Sales.

Here is what to expect from today.



Japan's latest inflation report gives the Bank of Japan another reason to wait beyond next week's meeting before abandoning the zero rate policy, but also adding to the case for an increase in the coming months.

The Japanese government is actively monitoring changes in the foreign exchange market. Shunichi Suzuki, the Finance Minister, says during a regular briefing in Tokyo. Says crucial that the FX market reflects fundamentals and moves steadily.

Longstanding doubts over the integrity of China's official GDP growth numbers have fueled a market for alternative calculations, which sprung into action this week as Beijing reported economic expansion for 2023 was in line with its yearly objective of approximately 5%.

US authorities are prepared to launch a plan to require banks to access the Federal Reserve's discount window at least once a year, to remove stigma and guarantee lenders are ready for bad times.



02:00 ET
UK Retail Sales YoY
Forecast 1.1% | Prior 0.1% | Range 2.0%/0.4%

UK Retail Sales MoM
Forecast -0.5 | Prior 1.3% | Range 0.4%/-1.9%

UK Core Retail Sales MoM
Forecast -0.7% | Prior 1.3% | Range 0.4%/-2.0%


05:00 ET
ECB's Lagarde & IMF's Georgieva Speak

05:30 ET
ECB's McCaul Speaks


Good Luck today, Traders!