Good Morning Traders! It is a new week with Monday 10th of April giving us another UK and EU holiday.

Here are some things to be aware of before today's session.



Haruhiko Kuroda was replaced as head of the Bank of Japan by Kazuo Ueda. Due to Kuroda's decade-long aggressive easing efforts, the central bank was able to shock the world's financial markets with just a slight adjustment to its policy.

According to the most recent balance of payments statistics for the Asian country, which was revealed on Monday, Japanese investors purchased the most US sovereign bonds in three years in February.

When traders evaluated supply constraints following the unexpected output reduction by OPEC+, oil prices stabilised at the start of the week.

The majority of central banks throughout the world may have reached their peak or are finished raising interest rates, portending a pause before potential monetary relaxation becomes apparent.


Good Luck Today Traders!