Good Morning Traders, it is the morning of March 9th, a quiet day in the EU markets.

Nevertheless, here are some things to look out for ahead of today.

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During a second day of congressional testimony, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell softened his tone a bit, stating that decision-makers will wait for new jobs and inflation data before determining how much to raise interest rates later this month.

Japan narrowly averted a recession at the end of last year, indicating ongoing economic weakness as inflationary pressure and a decline in the global economy cast a shadow over the future.

With the conclusion of the lunar new year, economic activity in China slowed significantly in February, while factory prices kept falling.

According to the British Chambers of Commerce, the UK will avoid a recession this year, but slow growth means that it won't reach pre-pandemic levels until the fourth quarter of 2024.

In his most recent suggestion for how Congress should prioritise taxes and spending, President Joe Biden is advocating a number of new tax increases on billionaires, wealthy investors, and companies.

Despite an unexpected drop in US crude inventories, oil held losses on a continuously  hawkish tone from the Federal Reserve.


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Good Luck today traders!