Good Morning Traders! It is the end of a week in the European session, with a quiet one to top it off.

Here is what to expect.


The drama that threatened a worldwide financial disaster came to an end when the Senate enacted legislation to suspend the US debt ceiling and impose spending limits until the 2024 presidential election.

Bank of the Federal Reserve of Philadelphia The US central bank is almost at the point where it can stop rising interest rates and start holding them constant in an effort to further reduce inflation, according to President Patrick Harker.

Governor of the Bank of Japan Kazuo Ueda says he is unable to predict when the BOJ would reach its 2% price target.

According to a survey ranking investors' top worries, China's skyrocketing municipal borrowing levels are the region's biggest financial risk this year.


02:45 AM ET
French Industrial Production MoM
Median Forecast 0.3% | Prior -1.1% | Range 1.6%/-0.5%


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