Good Morning Traders! This Thursday brings us German CPI towards the end of the session and the Riksbank Rate earlier on.

Here is what else to keep in mind.


Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda indicated that if the BOJ develops convinced that inflation would increase next year, it may be possible to begin normalising monetary policy.

For the third time this week, China intervened to stabilise the yuan, once more indicating a limit to its tolerance for currency weakness.

The largest banks on Wall Street all passed the Federal Reserve's annual stress test, overcoming a significant obstacle on the way to paying billions of dollars to stockholders, but the outlook for potentially sweetening those rewards is unclear.

A portion of the hundreds of billions of dollars in deposits that poured out of US banks at the beginning of the year have been replaced. However, it is pricey and not all that sticky.

Leading central bankers made similar promises on Wednesday in response to the surprise resilience of the global economy and inflation against a torrent of interest rate increases.


03:30 AM ET
Swedish Riksbank Rate
Median Forecast 3.75% | Prior 3.5% | Range 4.0%/3.75%

05:00 AM ET
ECB Economic Bulletin

08:00 AM ET
German CPI YoY Prelim
Median Foecast 6.3% | Prior 6.1% | Range 6.7%/5.0%

German HICP YoY Prelim
Median Forecast 6.8% | Prior 6.3% | Range 7.3%/6.1%


02:30 AM ET
Fed's Powell and ECB's de Cos Speak

04:10 AM ET
BoE's Cleland Speaks


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