Good Morning Traders! It is the start of a new week for Europe, kicking it off with Mfg PMI for the Euro-Area.

Here is what else to keep in mind.


The second member of Joe Biden's cabinet to visit Beijing in recent weeks will be US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen from July 6 to 9, as the world's two largest economy attempt to normalise relations following a string of tensions between their two countries.

As the second half began, oil prices barely changed as traders concentrated on issues with demand and a complicated supply forecast.

Overall business confidence in Japan increased, confirming the Bank of Japan's assessment that the country's economy is slowly recovering.

As the second-largest economy in the world battles to regain speed, President Xi Jinping of China has elevated a long-serving technocrat to the position of senior Communist Party official at the central bank, signalling that policymakers will avoid any significant changes for the time being.


03:50 AM ET
French MFG PMI
Median Forecast 45.5 | Prior 45.5 | Range 45.8/45.5

03:55 AM ET
German Mfg PMI Final
Median Forecast 41 | Prior 41 | Range 41/41

04:00 AM ET
Eurozone Mfg PMI Final
Median Forecast 43.6 | Prior 43.6 | Range 44/43.6

04:30 AM ET
UK Mfg PMI Final
Median Forecast 46.2 | Prior 46.2 | Range 46.5/46.2


Good Luck Today Traders!