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At their June meeting, Federal Reserve officials reached a shaky agreement to halt interest-rate rises, all but pledging to do so again later this month in an effort to continue combating stubborn inflation. Officials of the Federal Reserve have the suspicion that large payroll increases may be exaggerating the strength of the labour market.

John Williams, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, stated that projections by policymakers show they believe further work on interest rates is necessary to get inflation back down to 2%.

According to a statement in the Financial News, which is supported by the Chinese central bank, China has enough of measures to stabilise the foreign exchange market even if the yuan enters a "panic" decline.

While interest rates are rising as a result of the persistently high inflation in the country, British businesses have observed signs of lessening price pressures. According to a survey by the British Chambers of Commerce, less than half of UK businesses anticipate raising prices during the next three months.

According to a person familiar with the conversations, the US is considering limiting China's access to cloud computing as part of its effort to prevent that country from developing artificial intelligence capabilities.


02:00 AM ET
German Industrial Orders MoM
Median Forecast 1.0% | Prior -0.4% | Range 5.0%/-2.0%

04:30 AM ET
BoE Decision Maker Survey


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