Good Morning Traders! This Thursday brings us UK GDP data as the headliner.

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The chorus of cautions on the debt dangers at the country's cash-strapped developers and local government finance entities is now being joined by one of China's largest state-run investors. According to the most recent data available, the National Council for Social Security Fund, which is in charge of $417 billion, has advised asset managers who manage its money to sell certain bonds, including those issued by riskier LGFVs and private developers, after a review, people with knowledge of the situation said, asking not to be identified discussing private information.

The Bank of England claims that a leveraged transaction in US Treasury futures that has become more common among hedge funds poses a threat to the stability of the world's financial system.

The outlook for demand has improved as a result of easing US inflation, which led to confidence that the cycle of rate hikes may be coming to a stop.


02:00 AM ET
UK GDP Estimate 3M/3M
Median Forecast -0.1% | Prior 0.1% | Range 0.1%/-0.2%

UK GDP Estimate MoM
Median Forecast -0.3% | Prior 0.2% | Range 0.3%/-0.7%

UK GDP Estimate YoY
Median Forecast -0.7% | Prior 0.5%

UK Manufacturing Production MoM
Median Forecast -0.5% | Prior -0.3% | Range 0.2%/-0.5%

02:45 AM ET
French HICP YoY Final
Median Forecast 5.3% | Prior 5.3% | Range 5.3%/5.3%

04:30 AM ET
BoE Credit Conditions Survey

05:00 AM ET
EU Economic Forecasts

07:30 AM ET
ECB Meeting Minutes


04:00 AM ET
BoE's Gov. Bailey Speaks


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