Good Morning Traders! Today we get PMI data for the Euro Area as well as German and Eurozone unemployment data.

Here is what else to keep an eye out for.


China's manufacturing shrank in July, reverberating through Asian factories and indicating that any recovery in the area may still be years away.

Shunichi Suzuki, the finance minister of Japan, says he wants to closely monitor market developments in light of the current climate.

After the BOJ stunned investors worldwide by changing its yield curve control programme last week, observers of the central bank don't anticipate any more changes from the BOJ this year, according to a Monday survey.

According to the Federal Reserve, banks reported stricter requirements and persistently low loan demand in the second quarter, continuing a trend that started before recent pressures in the banking industry arose.


03:50 AM ET
French Mfg PMI
Median Forecast 44.5 | Prior 44.5 | Range 45.0/44.5

03:55 AM ET
German Mfg PMI
Median Forecast 38.8 | Prior 38.8 | Range 40.2/38.8

German Unemployment Rate
Median Forecast 5.7% | Prior 5.7% | Range 5.8%/5.7%

German Unemployment Change SA
Median Forecast 20k | Prior 28k | Range 30k/5k

04:00 AM ET
Eurozone Mfg PMI Final
Median Forecast 42.7 | Prior 42.7 | Range 43.2/42.7

04:30 AM ET
UK Mfg PMI Final
Median Forecast 45.0 | Prior 45.0 | Range 45.5/45.0

05:00 AM ET
Eurozone Unemployment Rate
Median Forecast 6.5% | Prior 6.5% | Range 6.6%/6.4%


Good Luck Today Traders!