Good Morning Traders! It's a new week, and with it comes German Industrial Production and UK House Price data.

Here is what to be aware of.


After a weekend in which maritime drones wrecked a Russian naval vessel and an oil tanker, President Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine is rapidly expanding. Oil rose for a third session.

According to Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman, the US central bank may need to boost interest rates further to properly restore price stability. Employers in failing areas such as manufacturing in the United States are decreasing hours rather than cutting jobs aggressively, harkening back to the recent labour shortages that affected so many businesses.

The eurozone's custodians have set the currency on pace for the greatest policy-inflicted blow since its inception. The delayed impact of borrowing-cost increases that began last year will peak in 2024, inflicting a 3.8% damage on the economy.


02:00 AM ET
German Industrial Production YoY SA
Median Forecast -0.2%| Prior 0.82%| Range 1.2%/-1.2%

German Industrial Production MoM
Median Forecast -0.5%| Prior -0.2% | Range 0.5%/-1.5%

UK Halifax House Prices YoY
Prior -2.60%

UK Halifax House Prices MoM
Prior -0.1%


Good Luck Today Traders!