Good Morning Traders! This Friday we get the release of UK GDP data to top off the week.

Here is what to be aware of.


Citi suggests setting a tactical flattener using the Treasury auction.

In Thursday's US consumer price index report, JPMorgan strategist David Kelly finds reasons for market optimism, with equities rewarding patient investors and bonds giving a strong capital gain as inflation creeps towards 2% by late next year.

The 12th largest economy in the world has historically benefited from Australia's falling currency, but this time it seems more likely to feed inflation than provide its import-competing sectors a boost.


02:00 AM ET
UK GDP Estimate YoY
Median Forecast 0.5% | Prior -0.4% |

UK GDP Estimate MoM
Median Forecast 0.2% | Prior -0.1% | Range 0.3%/0.0%

UK GDP Estimate 3M/3M
Median Forecast 0.0% | Prior 0.0%| Range 0.1%/0.0%

UK GDP YoY Prelim
Median Forecast 0.2% | Prior 0.2% | Range 0.3%/0.1%

UK GDP QoQ Prelim
Median Forecast 0.0% | Prior 0.1% | Range 0.1%/0.0%

UK Manufacturing Production MoM
Median Forecast 0.2% | Prior -0.2% | Range 0.6%/-0.2%

02:45 AM ET
French HICP Final YoY
Median Forecast 5.0% | Prior 5.0%


Good Luck Today Traders!