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It is Monday 13th of March, the start of a very important week, but here are some things to look out for ahead of today's session.

What to Eat with Coffee (Morning, Noon, or Night) - Insanely Good


Less than a week after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell hinted at a resumption of interest-rate hikes, markets slammed the door shut again amid a startling outbreak of financial difficulties at US regional banks.

SVB depositors will receive their entire deposit following a hectic weekend. The failure of a US lender has sparked a blame game over regulation.

When the rest of the US cut back on spending, Generation Z did not. Its post-pandemic wage rise, savings, and flexible working arrangements could be the reason.

11:30 AM ET
US Sells $57 bln of 3-Month Bills
US Sells $48 bln of 6-Month Bills

12:00 PM ET
NY Fed Inflation Expectations

2:05 PM ET
BoE's Dhingra Speaks 

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