It is Friday 17th of March, Here are some things to look out for ahead of today's session.

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The key to whether or not the US economy enters a recession will be how the latest turbulence in the banking industry spreads to Main Street.

In the most recent week, banks borrowed a total of $164.8 billion from two Federal Reserve backup facilities, indicating increased financial difficulties in the aftermath of Silicon Valley Bank's bankruptcy.

This week, central bank interest rate hikes really touched home: After a lengthy argument about why the most aggressive monetary tightening in decades had resulted in so little evidence of financial pressure, chaos erupted.

8:30 AM ET
Canadian PPI MoM data for February - Median Forecast 0.2% | Prior 0.4% | Range 0.6%/-0.2%

9:15 AM ET
US Industrial Production MoM data for February - Median Forecast 0.2% | Prior 0% | Range 1.1%/-1.2%

10:00 AM ET
University Michigan Sentiment March Prelim - Median Forecast 67 | Prior 67 | Range 71.5/64

US Sells $60 of 4-Week Bills (Postponed to today by US Treasury)

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