Good Morning Traders ! Today is Tuesday the 6th of December. The Session for today appears to be a quiet one, but here are some things to look out for.

Coffee price: The cost of a regular cappuccino around the world


According to Economists, the global economy is facing one of its worst years in three decades as the energy shocks unleashed by the Ukraine war continue to reverberate.

According to Economists, central banks will take divergent paths in 2023.

Goldman Sachs Economists have attempted to forecast the global economy's trajectory through 2075. They forecast global growth of just under 3% over the next decade.
The United States and the European Union are considering new tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum in an effort to combat carbon emissions and global overcapacity.
The year-end holidays are failing to brighten the trade outlook, as conditions in the world's factories and ports continue to deteriorate.
In November, Toronto home prices fell the least this year as fewer people listed their homes for sale, slowing a correction that began when interest rates began to rise.
8:30 AM ET
US International Trade: Forecast -80B, Prior -73.3B, Range -70.8B/-81.4B
Canadian Trade Balance: Forecast 0.9B, Prior 1.14B, Range 1.6B/-0.1B
8:55 AM ET
US Redbook YoY: Prior 10.4%
10:00 AM ET
Canadian Ivey PMI: Prior 50.1
12:00 AM ET
STEO Report
4:30 PM ET
AIG Services Index: Prior 47.7
US API Crude Oil Stock Change (Tentative): Forecast -3.884M, Prior -7.85M
US API Cushing Stock Change (Tentative): Prior -0.15M
US API Distillate Stock Change (Tentative): Prior 4.01M
US API Gasoline Stock Change (Tentative): Prior 2.85M
1:00 PM ET
ECB's Centeno Speaks