Good Morning Traders!
It is Friday 30th of June, here are some things to look out for.

Following Thursday's flurry of stronger-than-expected US economic data, which caused traders to consider the possibility of additional rate hikes, the dollar stabilized while Treasuries continued to decline, headed by the short end.
Once core inflation in the eurozone resumed its upward trend, there was widespread selling of European bonds. Attention will now shift to the Federal Reserve's preferred inflation metric, with the release of US PCE numbers at 8:30 AM ET.

The world's two most powerful leaders, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, are working to defuse tensions and stop trade disputes. The failure of a project in the middle of America demonstrates how severe the chill is.


08:30 AM ET
US Consumer Spending MoM for May
Median Forecast 0.2% | Prior 0.8% | Range 0.6%/0%

US PCE Price Index MoM for May
YoY - Median Forecast 3.8% | Prior 4.4% | Range 4.3%/3.7%
MoM - Median Forecast 0.1% | Prior 0.4% | Range 0.4%/0%
Core YoY - Median Forecast 4.7% | Prior 4.7% | Range 4.7%/4.5%
Core MoM - Median Forecast 0.3% | Prior 0.4% | Range 0.4%/0.2%

Canadian GDP MoM for April
Median Forecast 0.2% | Prior 0% | Range 0.4%/0%

09:45 AM ET
US Chicago PMI for June
Median Forecast 43.8 | Prior 40.4 | Range 45/42

10:00 AM ET
University Michigan Sentiment June Final
Median Forecast 63.9 | Prior 63.9 | Range 65/63


Good luck!