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It is Monday 10th of July, here's what to look out for today.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wouldn't rule out the possibility of a US recession, saying that slowing growth is "appropriate and normal" and that inflation remains too high.

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers warned against any sense of accomplishment by policymakers in bringing inflation down significantly from its peak last year, and predicted another bond selloff as investors adjust to the need for additional monetary tightening.

The June CPI print on Wednesday will be the last major data release on which Federal Reserve officials can comment before the July 25-26 FOMC meeting: According to economists, attention should be focused on how the risk-balance is evolving and what this means for the Fed.

The full impact of the Federal Reserve's current quantitative tightening program is expected in the coming months: how it proceeds, and how the Fed handles the process, may shape the Fed's political latitude to continue using its balance sheet as a key tool in the future.

Yellen's two-day meeting with top Chinese officials provided a way for the US and China to limit the economic damage caused by the two countries' intensifying rivalry.

10:00 AM ET
US Wholesale Inventories MoM Rev. - Median Forecast -0.1% | Prior -0.1% | Range 0.1%/-0.2%

11:00 AM ET
NY Fed Inflation Expectations

11:30 AM ET
US sells $65 bln of 3-Month Bill Auction

US sells $58 bln of 6-Month Bill Auction

3:00 PM ET
US Consumer Credit - Median Forecast 20 Bln | Prior 23.01 Bln | Range 25.7 Bln/16 Bln

10:00 AM ET
Fed's Barr Speaks - Taking part in a discussion at the Bipartisan Policy Center about bank supervision and regulation. (Text: Yes, Q&A Yes, with moderator)

11:00 AM ET
Fed's Daly Speaks - Discussing inflation and bank supervision (Text: No, Q&A: Yes, with moderator)

Fed's Mester Speaks - Speaking on the economic and policy outlook in a virtual event. (Text: Yes, Q&A: Yes, with moderator)

BoE Gov. Bailey Speaks - delivering a speech at the financial and professional services dinner. BoE will release a text at 4 PM ET.

11:15 AM ET
ECB's Herodotou Speaks  - Speaking at the Economist's Eastern Med. Business Summit.

12:00 PM ET
Fed's Bostic Speaks 

4:00 PM ET
BoE Gov. Bailey Speaks - Text to be  released at this time for his speech 

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