Morning, Traders!
It is Monday the 24th of July, here are some things to look out for at the start of this week.

As manufacturing and services statistics raised concerns about the state of the EU's economy this morning, European bonds surged and the euro fell versus the dollar.
Given that both the Federal Reserve and the ECB are expected to hike interest rates this week, traders are watching for clues about the direction of future monetary policy.

The Federal Reserve's willingness to tolerate inflation that is significantly higher than it would want is what will likely make or break rising hopes of a soft landing for the US economy.

After a brief decline last year, home prices are once again rising, challenging the Fed's efforts to control inflation and raising concerns about how much longer policymakers will need to raise interest rates.

9:45 AM ET
US S&P PMI Prelim Data for July
Manufacturing - Median Forecast: 46.2 | Prior: 46.3 | Range: 47.8 / 45.3
Services - Median Forecast: 54 | Prior: 54.4 | Range: 55 / 53.5
Composite: Median Forecast: 53 | Prior: 53.2 | Range: 53.4 / 52.5

11:30 AM ET
US sells $65 bln 3-Month Bills
US sells $ 58 bln 6-Month Bills

1:00 PM ET
US sells $48 bln 2-Year Notes


Good luck!