Morning, Traders!
Happy Friday! It is the 15th of September, and here are some things to look out for today.

Stocks in Europe and Asia rose on the back of better-than-expected economic data from China, fueling hopes that stimulus measures are paying off.
Brent crude traded near $94 per barrel, while the dollar fell against most major currencies and Treasury yields rose.

Markets were bracing for the triple witching options event on Friday, which has the potential to cause volume spikes and volatility.
Derivatives contracts tied to stocks, index options, and futures are set to mature today, forcing traders to roll over existing positions or open new ones.


9:15 AM ET

US Industrial Production MoM for August
Median Forecast: 0.1% | Prior 1% | Range: 0.5% / -0.4%

10:00 AM ET
University of Michigan Sentiment September Prelim 
Sentiment - Median Forecast: 69 | Prior: 69.5 | Range: 71.2 / 65.9\
1-Year Inflation - Median Forecast: 3.5% | Prior: 3.5% | Range: 3.7% / 3.3%
5-Year Inflation - Median Forecast: 3% | Prior: 3% | Range: 3.1% / 2.9%


Good luck! Have a good weekend.