Morning, Traders!
It is Monday the 18th of September. We have a quiet start to a momentous week, that includes the US interest rate decision (Wednesday, 2:00 PM ET).
But for now, here are some things to look out for today.

The dollar was little changed after erasing an earlier drop, while Treasuries continued to fall at the start of a busy week that included several central bank meetings.
The Federal Reserve makes its decision on Wednesday, with the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan following later in the week.

With only minor signs of a slowdown in US demand despite more than five percentage point hikes in interest rates, logic would suggest that the Federal Reserve should do more.
However, policymakers and Fed watchers are paying closer attention to a new line of argument that central banks must consider what their actions mean for the supply side of the economy.

House Speaker McCarthy proposed a deal to avoid a government shutdown for the time being, with demands including an 8% cut in domestic spending and the resumption of border wall construction.


8:15 AM ET

Canadian House Starts, Annualized for August
Median Forecast: 252.2K | Prior: 255K | Range: 271.3K / 245K

11:30 AM ET
US sells $69 bln 3-Month Bills
US sells $62 bln 6-Month Bills


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