Morning, Traders! Hope you had a good weekend.
It is Monday the 25th of September, and we have another quiet start to the week.
Nonetheless, here are some things to look out for today.

This morning, yields on European and US government bonds fell led by the long-end, as traders weighed further signs of economic weakness with concerns that the rising oil price will fan inflation.
The dollar extended recent gains. Germany’s business outlook improved slightly in September while remaining at historically low levels as the economy faces another contraction this quarter.

Inflation has cooled down versus last year, but that’s failing to assuage the pain of Americans, who are still paying up at gas pumps and grocery aisles.


11:30 AM ET

US sells $69 bln 3-Month Bills
US sells $62 bln 6-Month Bills


9:00 AM ET
ECB's President Lagarde gives an introductory statement at the ECON Hearing before the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament.

ECB's Schnabel speaks at Johann- Heinrich-von- Thünen-Lecture in Regensburg, Germany


Good luck!