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It is Friday the 21st of July, we're slated to have a quiet end to the week today, but here are the things to look out for today.

A measure of the dollar increased its winning streak to the longest in two months, primarily at the expense of the Japanese yen after it was reported that the BOJ did not feel the need to take any action to regulate the yield curve. US stock futures eked out a slight gain while Treasuries twist-flattened.

Some of the forecasters who were first out of the box to predict a US recession are starting to hedge their bets as inflation ebbs and the economy remains resilient

08:30 AM ET
Canadian Retail Sales MoM - Median Forecast: 0.5% | Prior: 1.1% | Range: 1% / -0.1%
Canadian Core Retail Sales MoM - Median Forecast: 0.2% | Prior: 1.3% | Range: 0.8% / -0.9%

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